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Soil science

At SGME our team of certified professional soil scientists (CPSS) will work with you to determine the outcomes that are required of the soil survey and then develop a soil survey strategy that is cost effective and satisfies State / Territory planning requirements. We will coordinate laboratory testing and analyse the returned results using State / Territory assessment criteria. Finally, we will prepare a report that is practical and tailored to your requirements.

If we are assessing your rehabilitation then we will help you to understand the unique soil risks that apply to your rehabilitation and provide you with innovative solutions that reduce your risk to acceptable levels while not compromising on government and community expectations.

Soil science services include:

  • Soil survey and management

  • Land capability, agricultural suitability and acid sulfate soil assessments

  • Agricultural impact studies

  • Erosion assessment and management

  • Auditing and assessment of rehabilitation performance

  • Auditing of agricultural land


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