Dr Timothy Rohde, Director

Timothy is an environmental scientist and has been practicing for 20 years in the fields of soil science, geochemistry and mine closure.

Timothy is an experienced closure and rehabilitation specialist. He regularly works with legislation, best practice guidelines and completes technical investigations to develop tailored closure and rehabilitation options.


He specialises in storage facility design, final landform design, cover design, geochemistry, decommissioning and closure cost estimation.

Timothy is an experienced soil scientist having completed numerous soil surveys. He regularly assesses land capability and agricultural suitability.


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Justin Vohland, Director & Mackay Manager

Justin is an environmental scientist and Health, Safety, Environment and Training (HSET) professional who has been practicing for over 10 years in the fields of project management, mine rehabilitation, mine closure and HSET and risk management.

Justin is an experienced closure and rehabilitation specialist. He regularly works with legislation, best practice guidelines and completes technical investigations to develop tailored closure and rehabilitation options. 


He specialises in management of environmental monitoring and compliance, execution of rehabilitation activities, project management and closure cost estimation.

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Anna Rohde, Administration & Financial Officer

Anna is responsible for the management and co-ordination of administrative and operational support to our consulting team. With 5 years’ experience, Anna has comprehensive knowledge of project administration, quality assurance and how to deliver services in the most efficient and productive way.

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Dr Raphael Akesseh, Senior Geoscientist

Raphael is a geological engineer and has a PhD in hydro-geochemistry from the University of Queensland. He has joined SGME as a Senior Geoscientist where he is applying his expertise to understanding the behaviour of mine waste including solute transport. 

Raphael understands how mining can impact the receiving environment and is able to predict the potential for environmental harm using a combination of static chemistry, kinetic chemistry (leach columns and humidity cells) and HYDRUS and PHREEEQC modelling tools. 

Raphael has applied his skills to the weathering of potentially contaminating tailings to understand their progression towards developing soil qualities (pedogenesis).

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Adam Costin, Environmental Engineer

Adam is an environmental engineering working towards specialising in the fields of soil science, geochemistry and mine closure planning and erosion modelling and control.

Adam’s experience includes regional council and bushland restoration.

He has previously worked at a regional Council helping to develop and deliver a management framework that was subsequently adopted at the Councils gravel pits.

Adam has also worked as a team leader for a company that delivered bushland restoration. This assisted him in developing the leadership and client liaison skills essential for a career in the field of consulting.

He is eager to work on challenging and stimulating projects, with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to any obstacles that may be encountered.

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Ke Hu, Environmental Engineer

Ke is an environmental management graduate who is dedicated to improving environmental health and providing better living conditions for both people and wildlife. She found her passion in ecological conservation during her study at university and volunteering in Landcare organisations. Ke also gained practical experiences working at geology and biology laboratories and during field research. 

She wants to expand her knowledge in environmental management and sustainable development, especially with soil processes and mine closure.

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Georgia Greening​, Environmental Engineer

Georgia is an environmental engineer who strives to add meaningful value to communities and the environment. Georgia has a broad understanding of environmental processes and is interested in all aspects of soil, geochemistry and mine closure and is working towards specialising in geochemistry. 

Georgia’s previous experience includes wetland monitoring and maintenance.


Georgia understands enduring value, embracing sustainable development principles and design to achieve successful closure is essential to the mining industry’s social licence to operate and corporate bottom line.


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Eric Hopwood​, Graduate Environmental Scientists

Eric is a Graduate environmental scientist who values positive environmental management to deliver innovative solutions that support ecologically sustainable development.

He has a broad and multidisciplined foundation of knowledge in environmental and social sciences, and is looking to specialise in rehabilitation and mine closure as well as soil science and geochemistry.

Eric’s previous experience includes a position as an undergraduate environmental advisor as part of Glencore’s vacation program and as a wildlife officer with the Department of Environment and Science, and is also an ex-serving member of the ADF where he served for 10 years.

Eric understands the importance of thinking systematically and sustainably about the environment, natural resource management and social and economic development. He hopes to optimise environmental performance for the mining industry and contribute to business performance.  


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Jacob Kelly, Graduate Environmental Scientists

Jacob is a recent graduate environmental scientist who is striving for excellence in the fields of soil science, geochemistry, mining approvals and rehabilitation, and erosion modelling and control. He is interested in furthering his knowledge of the environmental processes related to mine closure and rehabilitation.


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Harrison Vogler, Environmental Engineer

Harrison is an environmental engineer and has been practicing for 2 years.

He is interested in bioretention systems having previously investigated factors that influence their performance for urban sensitive water design.

Harrison is currently expanding his knowledge in soil science, geochemistry and mine closure having recently been involved in cover performance instrumentation, in-situ measurements, and processing and analysing field data to assess performance.

He has taken a specific interest in landform and cover design and their integration with water quality as they often require complex analysis and when done right result in positive environmental outcomes.


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Isaac Rohde, Laboratory Technician

Isaac is our youngest team member and assists in the SGME laboratory. His  work includes supporting senior staff with scientific investigations and experiments, setting up and assisting with experiments and trials, recording and analysing data, maintaining, calibrating and cleaning equipment and presenting results to senior staff.  When he finishes high school and university he hopes to join the business as a graduate consultant.

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