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At SGME we will advocate strongly for you and guide you through the process of closing your mine / quarry. From planning and decommissioning through to rehabilitation and transition to a sustainable future land use including guiding you through the process of cover and landform design resulting in a landform that are capable of transitioning to a sustainable future land use. We will help you to understand the unique risks that face your mine / quarry and provide you with innovative solutions that reduce your risk to acceptable levels while not compromising on government and community expectations.

Mine closure services include:

  • Assessment of mine closure and rehabilitation requirements include relinquishment criteria

  • Closure and rehabilitation planning including assessment of legal obligations and liability cost estimates

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Landform and cover design

  • Auditing and assessment of rehabilitation performance

  • Progressive rehabilitation and closure plans (PRCP)

  • Estimated rehabilitation cost / financial assurance calculations including GIS and supporting information reports

  • Progressive rehabilitation certification and reporting

On ground monitoring and assessment including:

  • Instrumentation to assess long term performance of landforms and covers

  • Land function analysis



Mine & quarry closure

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