Dr Timothy Rohde


Timothy is an environmental scientist and has been practicing for 18 years in the fields of soil science, geochemistry and mine closure.

Timothy is an experienced closure and rehabilitation specialist. He regularly works with legislation, best practice guidelines and completes technical investigations to develop tailored closure and rehabilitation options.


He specialises in storage facility design, final landform design, cover design, geochemistry, decommissioning and closure cost estimation.

Timothy is an experienced soil scientist having completed numerous soil surveys. He regularly assesses land capability and agricultural suitability.


He has gained a reputation by not backing away from difficult projects (honest), delivering on his promises (trust), looking for new ways to help (innovation) and sharing mutual responsibility for preventing harm and promoting well-being (safety).






Adam Costin


Adam is an environmental engineering graduate currently working in the fields of soil science, geochemistry and mine closure. 

As a recent graduate from Griffith University, he has completed a placement with the North Burnett Regional Council. During that time, he worked with members of the engineering team and coordinated research for his thesis, developing a management framework that the Council is currently using on their gravel pits.


Adam has also worked for an environmental company that focused on the restoration of bushland. After only four months he was promoted and given responsibility of his own team. This assisted him in developing the leadership and client liaison skills essential for a career in the field of consulting.

He is eager to work on challenging and stimulating projects, with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to any obstacles that may be encountered.


Georgia Greening


Georgia is a graduate environmental engineer who strives to add meaningful value to communities and the environment. Georgia has a broad understanding of environmental processes and is interested in all aspects of soil, geochemistry and mine closure. 

Georgia completed her undergraduate thesis at Conrad Gargett on wetland monitoring and maintenance.

Georgia understands enduring value, embracing sustainable development principles and design to achieve successful closure is essential to the mining industry’s social licence to operate and corporate bottom line. 





Anna Rohde


Anna is responsible for the management and co-ordination of administrative and operational support to our consulting team. With 5 years’ experience, Anna has comprehensive knowledge of project administration, quality assurance and how to deliver services in the most efficient and productive way.



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